Crisis is not a reason to postpone a trip to the land of the sun

Mediterranean cuisine is recognized as the most balanced and healthy. You’ll like its meat, vegetables, fish, flavored with olive oil and wine in every tavern. Everything is prepared with the freshest ingredients, it looks good, smells fascinating, and the taste is wonderful. But try to abstain not because of diet considerations, but to have a «compliment» — delicious dessert that owners of establishments serve guests after a meal.

Crisis is not a reason to postpone a trip to the land of the sun, sea and olives. On the contrary  this is a great chance to relax with high quality and cheap. Prices are falling, so it is the possibility of expanding tourist. So now you can afford a higher class hotel and have a best shopping in your life. Greece is a country of flowers. And what colors will be in your wedding bouquet - flowers of medlar in December, fleur d'orange in April or olive branch with fruits in August — it's up to you.

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Glam Mykonos is the center of youth parties and various events.

People usually sing «Trigon Calanda» and  ( «Good evening, the Magi") on Christmas Day. These songs tells the whole story of the birth of Christ. Everyone gathers in the church to the festive Divine Liturgy in the evening. Greeks generally give gifts just for Christmas so coming back home from the church they consider the gifts and taste traditionally baked stuffed turkey.

Momogerami («momos» and «Heros» which means «old mocker») are the scenes played out right on the streets of the city. It is very interesting tradition, preserved from the time of ancient Greece and revived recently in many places in Greece. Each hero of Momogerami, according to folk tradition, has a particular character: for example, the doctor symbolizes health, the judge means protection of an elderly woman, the bride means wonderful future.

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View the Aegean Sea from a unique perspective

When you come to Greece, you want to see the sights and amazingly explore the area. Fun places, out-of- the-way shops and restaurants are exciting, but another way to explore the beauty of the islands is to helicopter in Santorini. Imagine soaring above the caldera with majestic views of the sailboats and volcanic formations. 
Your tour will take you over the ancient cities of Fira and Oia where you can see the whitewashed churches and villages dotting the hillside. View whales as they migrate through the sea, see dolphin pods playing in the ocean, and look at smoking volcanoes from a birdseye perspective. Akrotiri is an archaeological site that dates back to the Prehistoric area. You can see the dig site on your helicopter ride. The city was buried under ash in 1627 BC.