Crisis is not a reason to postpone a trip to the land of the sun

People usually sing «Trigon Calanda» and  ( «Good evening, the Magi") on Christmas Day. These songs tells the whole story of the birth of Christ. Everyone gathers in the church to the festive Divine Liturgy in the evening. Greeks generally give gifts just for Christmas so coming back home from the church they consider the gifts and taste traditionally baked stuffed turkey. Momogerami («momos» and «Heros» which means «old mocker») are the scenes played out right on the streets of the city. It is very interesting tradition, preserved from the time of ancient Greece and revived recently in many places in Greece. Each hero of Momogerami, according to folk tradition, has a particular character: for example, the doctor symbolizes health, the judge means protection of an elderly woman, the bride means wonderful future.
Most of the Greeks spend Gala Dinner on Christmas or New Year's Eve (Réveillon) at home. Many of them go to the taverns, restaurants, in the music and entertainment centers or go to another place within the country. There are always a lot of special offers to do this. Holiday Réveillon in snow-covered areas of the country or ski resorts is an alternative version of the Christmas holiday.

Beautiful Skiathos is considered to be a paradise created for love. The modest island with a beautiful beach and the chapel of St. Flora are frequent witnesses of the marriage ceremonies and patrons of newlyweds spending their honeymoon here. Amazing Milos is attractive for lovers of unusual celebrities, even on a honeymoon. You’ll find a delightful beach safari, the unique lunar landscape and the breathtaking black beaches here. Be sure to take honeymoon photos next to the cliffs and the sea. Romance will be unforgettable! Young and active couples who love fun, fiery dances and recreation in a big way spend their honeymoon here. You can make very beautiful photos of your honeymoon trip in the hotel and on the beautiful streets.

So, if you want to spend an unforgettable honeymoon in Greece, we recommend Santorini and other Greek islands. Beautiful and warm sea, bright sun and pretty pictures will be the most wonderful impressions of your vacation.