Crisis is not a reason to postpone a trip to the land of the sun

Mediterranean cuisine is recognized as the most balanced and healthy. You’ll like its meat, vegetables, fish, flavored with olive oil and wine in every tavern. Everything is prepared with the freshest ingredients, it looks good, smells fascinating, and the taste is wonderful. But try to abstain not because of diet considerations, but to have a «compliment» — delicious dessert that owners of establishments serve guests after a meal.

Crisis is not a reason to postpone a trip to the land of the sun, sea and olives. On the contrary  this is a great chance to relax with high quality and cheap. Prices are falling, so it is the possibility of expanding tourist. So now you can afford a higher class hotel and have a best shopping in your life.

Greece is a country of flowers. And what colors will be in your wedding bouquet - flowers of medlar in December, fleur d'orange in April or olive branch with fruits in August — it's up to you. The marriage is the most important event in your life, so it should be a memorable one. A professional photographer will help you to keep memories vivid. Incidentally, the photo frame and the Greeks called «stigmiotipo», that is «instant print».

The five words for love in Greek are «agape» — unconditional, true love, «erotas» — sensual love, lust; «erotic pathos» — passion, a strong sense prevails over logic, «philia» — friendly love and «storge» — gentle parental love.